Flexi 201

Greenseal Flexi 201 is a flexible cement based of 2 components polymer modified waterproof coating. It is suitable applied to concrete and mortar to prevent water infiltration as to fill and seal pores and voids, crack and hair line of all substrates and yet provides a breathable coating which allows water vapour transmission. And as a protective layer against aggressive gas such as carbon dioxide and also frost and thawling salts.

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Area of applications:

Greenseal Flexi 201 consists of Portland cement, selected and well graded sand and plasticiser, formulated with specially selected and graded fine quartz and high quality latex to create a brushable, smooth slurry with excellent bond and adhesion to most substrates.

It is a flexible cementitious waterproofer suitable use in:
- Bathrooms, toilet and kitchens
- Balconies and planter boxes
- Swimming pools
- Water tanks
- Basement wall
- Retaining walls
- Sea walls
- Reservoirs
- Concrete gutters

- Minimum surface preparation
- Applied directly to the concrete by brush or spray
- Breathable - allows transmission of water vapour from interior of building
- Good elongation
- Can be applied on damp surfaces.
- Excellent adhesion bonds to porous and non-porous surfaces
- Toxic-free and flexible
- Non-corrosive to steel and iron.
- High resistance to carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion.

Technical Data


Surface Preparation

Substrates to be applied with GS 201 must be clean and free from laitance, protrusions, loose particle, dirt, oil and grease.
Sharp edges must be flattened and uneven surfaces must be leveled or repaired with a mortar screed by using GS300.
Clean and proper repaired surface must be thoroughly saturated with water prior to application of GS Primer.
Be caution: No standing water or excessive water shall be remained on the substrate that to be applied with GS 201.


GS 201 is supplied in 2 components, to generate a consistent slurry, pour the liquid component into a pail following by adding in the powder component gradually to the liquid. In the meantime, use a stirrer to stir the mixture until the mixture is free from lumps. Take note of the consistency of the slurry. The consistency of the slurry can be altered by reducing or adding in powder component.

No water or other material should be adding in the mixture.


Apply GS 201 with a stiff brush or spray onto the prepared surface with at least two coats. Interval of each coat should be 1-2 hours minimum. To avoid pin holes and ensure full coverage, apply each brush coat at different direction.

For large space, spray is recommended by using a worm-gear type of spray equipment.

For best result, apply GS 201 under shaded shelter to prevent rapid drying of the coating.


The freshly applied GS 201 shall be protected from direct rain, dirt, oil, grease or other loose particle for at least 12 hours.

It is foot trafficable after 24 hours and resistant to light mechanical stress after 3 days. Permanent water pressure resistance shall be achieved after a full hardening of 14 days.


Clean tools and equipment immediately with clean water before the waterproofer sets. Hardened material can only be removed mechanically.

Coverage: Approximate 0.75 to 1.0 kg/m2 per coat. 2 coats are required.

Packaging:GS 201 is packed in 33 kg set.

Powder - 23 kg

Polymer liquid – 10kg

Storage and shelf life: GS 201 has a shelf life of 12 months. Store all material in a cool dry place.

Health and safety:GS 201 contains cements which may cause skin irritation. For personal precaution, protective gloves and goggles are recommended to be worn during handling of this product. If product contacts with eyes, flush immediately with clean water and seek medical assistance is symptoms prolong.

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