Greenshield 108

Greenshield 108 is an excellent energy conserving elastic membrane designed for roof coating and substrates requiring weather protection. Its membrane of water-based acrylic resin system is filled with minute heat shield cells which act as a thermally resistant blanket covering the whole treated structure.

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When applied, the Ultraviolet and heat rays are reflected and emitted from the surface, reducing the thermal conductivity between the substrate and the coating. Hence, roof surfaces treated with Greenshield 108 can experience interior temperature reduction up to 10°C. This roof coat also has excellent dirt pick-up resistance and is able to retain elasticity even after
Are of use
Greenshield 108 is mostly used as a roof coating. However, it may also be applied as:
- Coatings for roofs, terraces and balconies.
- Waterproofing membrane under indoor or outdoor tiling, e.g. kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
- A protective layer for water tanks, reservoirs, etc.
- A sealant for hair-line cracks.
- The external waterproofing membrane for underground concrete structures, e.g. tunnels

- Excellent thermal insulation (interior heat reduction: 10 - 12°C)
- Elongation at Break : 400%
- Inexhaustible flexibility
- Able to absorb thermal shock and vibration
- Variable Permeability
- Good Adhesion to variable substrates
- Good Sealant for cracks
- Good Chemical Resistance

Surface Preparation
All surfaces must be clean and free from laitance, dust, dirt, oil and grease. Surfaces should be power washed prior to coating without damaging the roof or cause leaks.

Applying Greenshield 108
Greenshield 108 can be applied by roller, airless spray or brush.  For good protection, it is recommended to first spray, then back roll Greenshield 108 on the substrate. Or by the cross spraying method. Greenshield 108 should be applied on touch dry between coats.

Airless spray:
- Tip orifice: 0.031”
- Atomizing pressure: 2200 - 2500psi
- Fan Spread: 60°
- Pump: 3 litres per minute at 2500psi (prime pump with water before using Greenshield 108)
- Filter: remove filters and screens

- Use on small or narrow areas.
- Cross brush 3 coats for adequate protection.

Clean equipment with soapy water followed by rinsing with clean water. Flush mineral spirits through spray equipment to prevent rust.


45 minutes (The coating should no longer be susceptible to airborne dust and will not run in the presence of 50% relative humidity at 24°C).


Reflectance of 81.4% - Emittance 93% - Thermal Conductivity of 2.3 W/mK

Do not apply Greenshield 108 if weather is imminent before the coat is dry through, or when temperature is expected to drop below 4°C.

20 Litres per pail.

PU FOAM Insulation Material
PU FOAM Insulation Material