Polyurea protective coating

POLCO® 223 is a high-performance, multi-purpose polyurea coating designed for processing through plural component, high pressure, dispensing equipment. Once fully cured, it is tough and flexible with high impact and tear resistance, along withexcellent chemical and water resistance.

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POLCO® 223 can be applied under very low ambient temperature conditions (-40F / -40ºC), in high humidity and in the presence of moisture without affecting the final properties of the material. Proper adhesion relies upon substrate dryness, preparation and compatibility.
POLCO® 223 performs well as a corrosion-resistant coating for concrete and steel applications with extreme exposure to acids, bases, salts and other corrosives.

Physical Properties (Components)       Component “A”           Component “B”

Viscosity at 75ºF (cps)                              950-1500                        350-600

Specific Gravity (gr/ml)                              1.10-1.12                       1.02-1.05


Physical Properties (Final Product)      ASTM Test Method                  Value

Hardness, Shore D,                                    ASTM D-2240                           60

Tensile Strength (psi),                                 ASTM D-412                        3400

Elongation (%),                                             ASTM D-412                          150

Tear Strength (pli),                                      ASTM D-624, Die C                480

Colour                                                                                            Black or Neutral

Service Temperature                                                                    -40oF to 200oF

Bond strength                                      Substrate               Pull off strength N/mm2 (Mpa)

Concrete                                  2.9

Steel                                        2.5

Wood                                      3.4

Handling Characteristics
Mix Ratio by Volume (Component A/ Component B)       1:1
Gel Time (at 130-150oF), (seconds)                               3
Tack Free Time (seconds)                                           15
Demold Time (minutes)                                              20
Final Cure Time (hours)*                                            24
(*) Due to nature of the product final physical properties will be reached in a course of several days.
Components A and B should be kept well sealed in a dry place at a temperature between 75ºF and 90ºF (23ºC-32ºC). Purge opened containers with dry nitrogen before resealing. Component B requires thorough mixing prior to each use/application.  For more information refer to the product MSDS.
Component A:               55 gallons steel drum (closed top)                     490 lb Net Weight
Component B:               55 gallons steel drum (open top)                        445 lb Net Weight
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