Anti-corrosion materials & Against fire

In this website limited frame, QUOCTHANGCO would like to introduce the basic type of the materials system only.  Any requirements or inquiries related, please kindly contact or send via email directly to us, base on that, we’ll suggest the correct materials as well as technical solutions suitable  for your specific project or subject.

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VMP is a Leading Manufacture of anti-corrosion and anti-fire materials for steel construction structure in Russia. There are a hundreds of different materials, some of them tested in Vietnam in marine or near the sea area with good results, showing their system’s suitability to the Vietnamese hot, raining and humidity climate. Especially, the materials system received the high value on quality from the Vietnamese scientists, experts  and technicians opinions.


In order to have highly efficient anticorrosion protection one shall use zinc-rich paintwork materials. The basic component of such materials is fine zinc powder; thanks to high content of this metal (over 86% of weight), steel can be protected electrochemically as if conventional galvanizing was employed, that’s why the implementation of such technology is called “cold” galvanizing. Zinc-rich coatings have much longer durability than conventional paintwork materials. Some of zinc-rich materials of the company can be used in different possible application conditions and in various environments including highly aggressive.


Polyurethane materials are considered as one of the most demanded and promising class of protective coatings. The main advantage of polyurethanes – unique set of properties: resistance to chemicals and atmosphere, high strength in combination with elasticity. One-pot polyurethane materials which can be cured with humidity are widely represented in VMP range of products. The primary advantage of such materials is the easiness in handling, since they don’t require mixing of components before coating and can be applied in bad weather conditions: low temperature and high humidity.


Epoxy materials have high resistance to chemicals, strength and attrition resistance. It is the most popular type of anticorrosive coatings in the world which has a wide range of protective effects.


It is generally accepted that organosilicone based coatings have high thermal resistance. Besides the coatings are of excellent weatherability and strength. Organosilicone materials of VMP are designed for long-term as well as inter-op protection of metal surfaces in different conditions even at elevated temperatures.(Pictures of VMP)


Materials based on thermoplastic polymers are notable for ease of handling: don’t require mixing before application since they are one-pot materials. VMP coatings have long storage time and can be applied at low temperatures. They can be noted for their high weatherability and resistance to inorganic chemicals exposure.

Anti-Corrosion Material
Anti-Corrosion Material